The Ceramic House 2012

Collective Consciousness, Natalia Dias

The exhibition at The Ceramic House 2012 was a huge success and very well received. The 2012 exhibition showcased fourteen established and emerging ceramists, offering a singular overview of contemporary ceramic practice. Highlights were undoubtedly Paul Scott’s contribution of a series of his trademark blue and white Cumbrian Blues and Myung Nam An’s sensational wall installation, not to mention Natalia Dias’ award winning Collective Consciousness which is now part of the permanent collection.

We also had masterful, serene birdbaths by Sarah Walton in the garden accompanied by a more colourful sunflower one by Renee Kilburn. Ami Derbyshire’s quirky, humorous assemblages including found ceramic figurative pieces were joy to behold, as were Vanessa Conyers’ exquisite lustred and highly decorative vessels. Mandee Gage inspired every visitor to the house with her Cave of other-worldy, internally lit pod installation in the basement, back after a sensational introduction to the Open Houses in 2011. Annette Bugansky’s knit-textured porcelain sat well alongside Amy Cooper’s porcelain lamps and Lisa Krigel, Mickey Wolters, Camilla Webb Carter and Chris Murphy also presented beautiful work in the house and garden.

Paul Scott Cowmeadow

Paul Scott Cowmeadow

Paul Scott Printed Ceramics

Sarah Walton Garden Ceramics

Myung Nam An Ceramics

Renee Kilburn Sculptural Ceramics

Annette Bugansky Textured Porcelain

Vanessa Conyers Studio Ceramics

Amy Cooper Porcelain Lighting

Ami Derbyshire Sculptural Ceramics

Mandee Gage Ceramic Sculpture

Mickey Wolters Ceramics

Natalia Dias Sculptural Ceramics

Lisa Krigel Ceramics and Mixed Media

Chris Murphy Sculptural Ceramics

Camilla Webb Carter 3D Tiles

Photographs (mainly) by Mi Elfverson. Additional photos by Kay Aplin.

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