Exterior Tiled Tables

Two outdoor tiled tables for the new terraces and levels in the garden. I had the metal frames made for both tables locally and the tiles are applied on to cement board so that the tables will endure all weathers.

The Victorian tiled table is made with some heavy Victorian tiles I bought in an antique shop in Brecon many years ago supplemented with a few hand made tiles to fill the gaps.

The Danish circles table was made with some tiles left over from a project when I lived in Copenhagen, where I set up art projects running workshops in two centres for people with disabilities between 1997 and 1999.

One of my last projects was a wall relief at Laerkevej day centre, which consisted of circles on dowels protruding from the surface and small circles filling up all the gaps. I had a box of leftovers, and I even brought back one of the glazes, I liked it so much, and 13 years later I opened it and made some more Danish circles for the table!

Laerkevej tiled table

Read the full description on my blog

Laerkevej tiled table


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