Burdon Moor Butterflies and Dragonflies

Common blues, small coppers and damselflies ceramic applications.
Average dimension of each: 15 cm across
Gateshead Council commissioned me to create a piece of public artwork for Burdon Moor (2004), a plot of land previously used agriculturally, which was purchased by the council to turn it back into traditional moorland. I applied small ceramic pieces – butterflies, dragonflies and wildflowers – to two boulders, representing flora and fauna that will eventually populate the moor.

Burdon Moor Butterflies and Dragonflies

For the opening in 2011, I decided to recreate the fauna pieces and create an installation in the bedroom above the headboard that I designed for the bed and at the entrance into the bathroom. Then the creatures seemed cramped indoors, so I liberated them and now they are swarming up the back wall of the house.

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