Ceramic Garden Terraces

Completed in April 2012, the garden terraces consist of 25 square metres of tiled surfaces, including walls, floors, steps, a bench and a lighting feature.

Pink and orange tiled walls

Over one thousand hand-cut tiles, glazed in colours complementing the Llanbradach Façade Wall Relief on the garage, cover the surfaces of a series of low walls around the edge of the rose patio. Bright yellow, orange and pink walls compete for attention but provide a sunny, Mediterrean feel.

Mosaic steps

 A set of curved steps lead up to the breakfast terrace, the only spot in the garden that catches the early morning sun, which is paved with black limestone and a streak of yellow hand-made ceramic guttering running across the middle of the floor and feeding into the yellow wall below. The Mosaic Steps are described more fully on my blog.

There are 3 levels within the floor piece to provide a flat area for a table and to account for the sloping site.

At the back of the breakfast terrace is the feature piece; a bench with lighting feature in blue relief. The mosaic steps are also made in shades of blue and the rims are glazed in the same glaze as the bench, leading the eye upwards to the outlandish bench at the top. A full description of Blackberry Hill bench is on my blog.

A full description of The Garden Terraces is on the blog and also the process of making it all from beginning to end. The Making of The Garden Terraces shows the “before” and “after” and all stages in between!

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