Utility Room

Work surface and backsplashes, Utility Room

Tiled wall reliefs (backsplashes), tiled worktops, kickboards, window sills and skirting boards.

Ceramic relief backsplash, Utility Room, The Ceramic House

Utility Room tiles with Renee Kilburn’s work

The utility room is what became of the old kitchen. Part of the plan to keep the new kitchen uncluttered and spacious was to leave the sink where it is in the old kitchen, and the appliances. Obviously this presented another opportunity to create another tiled room, so I chose a theme very different to the bright colours and business of the Tudor kitchen, and opted for a calming, undulating design in shades of green – both more fitting for a small space – that moves across the walls and leads you into the garden.

Utility Room, The Ceramic House

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  1. Hi, I love the dark moody greens, especially as a room leading on to the garden. This whole project is exciting, I’m enjoying seeing it develop and look forward to visiting in May. well done with the website 🙂


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