COCA Restating Clay Conference

Sarah Radstone

I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the Restating Clay Conference atCOCA, Centre for Ceramic Art in York Art Gallery, which took place 19-20 March 2018. The conference aimed to investigate: Making, learning, communicating and collecting contemporary studio ceramics.

I was selected to resent in the INVESTIGATE / REFLECT / EXHIBIT category and I gave a presentation entitled The Ceramic House: Curating the Domestic Space.

My presentation abstract:

“Using an artist’s house as a case study, the paper will consider the problems and opportunities offered by curating contemporary ceramics exhibitions in domestic spaces.

It will explore the development of the house and related activities, including exhibitions, residencies and projects, and will also look at the history of artists’ houses such as Charleston and Kettle’s Yard and how The Ceramic House ts into this established tradition.

Key themes include: the use of private space for siting public artworks, the curatorial practice of an artist/ curator and artist residencies and collaborations across disciplines.”

The conference was SOLD OUT (!), with many eminent figures in the ceramic world in attendance and I met a huge number of fascinating people from many countries. It was such a wonderful experience to be involved in, and I found it so rewarding to present and discuss my project The Ceramic House, I look forward to further opportunities to delve deeper and explore further the notion of Curating a Domestic Space and this journey I started in 2011.

Ian McIntyre

York Art Gallery

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