The Ceramic House

J Kay Aplin – Architectural Ceramics

J Kay Aplin

J Kay Aplin is an architectural ceramist with a background in site-specific work for the public realm, graduating in Public Art and Design from Chelsea College of Art in 1995. Since then, she has had many commissions around the UK and internationally, producing a distinct range of art works that have stood the tests of weather and time.

Kay’s work responds directly to the environment for which it is intended. The concept or narrative is evolved from place and recurring themes are found in observing detail and pattern within nature and architecture.

Kay says about her work, “I like working in ceramic relief, since this gives an added dimension to the overall sculptural form. My work is very tactile and sensory, inviting the passer-by to touch, as well as look, giving an interactive quality to a visually stimulating piece. I am inspired by colour, and I constantly strive to achieve rich, bright colours within stoneware glazes. Colour, texture and ambitious scale are my trademarks.”

Commissions have ranged in media and scale and clients have included 9 Local Authorities, 3 NHS Trusts, 10 foundations, 15 festivals, and approximately 40 schools and include:  floorscapes, parks and streetscapes, urban and landscape sculpture, and architectural features for new builds. These projects are invariably produced in collaboration with community representatives, local authorities, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors and landscape architects.

2 comments on “J Kay Aplin

  1. Scott Smyth
    August 28, 2016

    The white tiles shown in picture 3355 of the Ceramic House; where are they produced ?

    • kayaplin
      August 29, 2016

      Hi Scott
      Thanks for your query. I am afraid I cannot locate the photo though the number 3355! But I have various ranges of white tiles I produce; in fact all of the tiles in the house are made by me in my studio. I will email you pictures so you can let me know which white tiles you mean. Or if you can copy the photo and send it to me that would also help.

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