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Mickey Wolters

I would love to live in a storybook, where everybody is nice to each other and to animals, where you can wear pretty frocks every day and eat cake and candy and still be healthy.

My name is Mickey Wolters and I am a Ceramic Artist living in Holland.  I make hand-painted fanciful ceramic jewellery and functional ceramics with my screen-prints, amusing animals and figures. I started making things from a very young age and never stopped. I graduated at a Fashion academy in Amsterdam and at the School for Ceramics in Gouda.

My inspiration comes from old toys, books, postcards and ancient stories.

My house is filled with old stuff, some people say my house looks like a “museum”. I started collecting all kinds of vintage things  from when I was a little girl and now I am happiest  when making ceramics , drawing , screen-printing surrounded by my old stuff and two cats.

Mickey Wolters’ website

One comment on “Mickey Wolters

  1. Michele
    June 11, 2012

    Hi Mickey
    I share your ethos on a perfect life! I adore your work and hope to have a piece of my own one day.
    Best wishes

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